Không đề…

  Một trang note trắng… Một bản piano… Một ly cà fe… Eternal sunshine on the spotless mind… Và một giọt nước mắt… Một ngày cuối tuần lặng lẽ, im ắng và trống vắng. Có lẽ đã khá lâu rồi tôi mới ngồi xuống và viết một cái gì đó thực sự cho mình. Người … Continue reading

Paris recap

Paris 19 mai 2011 – South Hadley 3 septembre 2011 Those of you who know me would suppose that I wouldn’t leave Paris and my exchange semester untold, especially when you have constantly been notified by your facebook feeds of my status filled with emotions, excitement, and wildness. Alright I admit it, I am about … Continue reading

The cutest things of Paris

I was inspired to write this little note after a fun night with my amazing friends in Paris, and after realizing that I only have about five weeks left in this country. It started off with a nice, cosy dinner next to Champs de Mars, followed by a great party (not because of the music … Continue reading

My first few days in Paris

Okay…So I’ve been in the city of my dream for about a week, and one word can summarize it all: “Ouf” My journey began in a perfect way, with a nice trip home, visiting my family, friends and falling in love again. I packed my luggage while humbling “La vie en rose” as if I … Continue reading

Miami (day 1)

I have to confess that my mind is still Miami, running wild along the windy South Beach with an inspiring group of friends, and feeling my heart filled with inspiration and humbleness. Three days in Miami attending the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting was more than a beautiful memory. It was full of energy, of … Continue reading

Vertical or horizontal approach to global health?

The Wall Street Journal Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates traveled to Africa last year to press for polio’s defeat. Bill Gates walked into the World Health Organization’s headquarters in Geneva—for a meeting in an underground chamber where global pandemics are managed—and was greeted by bad news. Polio was spreading across Africa, even after … Continue reading

Where hope is dying…

Siem Reap, 20th August, 2009 – I came back to Siem Reap on a heated day of August 2009. The streets were as busy as usual, full of children whose skin was burnt by being exposed to the sun almost eight hours a day. They would switch between their limited foreign languages, trying to draw … Continue reading

Apocalypse still…

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Mourning haunts a small shanty ghetto at the end of a tiny, twisting treacherous street. A three-meter-square apartment is home to a family of six living on less than 1,500,000VND ($90) per month. The parents, who served in the Vietnamese Communist army (Viet Cong) during the Vietnam War, cannot … Continue reading

Wikileaks: future of investigative journalism?

Source: BBC News Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has released a video which it claims shows the killing of civilians by the US military in Baghdad in 2007. It is the latest in a long list of “leaks” published by the secretive site, which has established a reputation for publishing sensitive material from governments and other high-profile … Continue reading


[composed 28 months ago…] Tối thứ sáu, viết xong hai bài essays là đã gần 1h sáng. Tự nhiên thấy trong lòng nhẹ nhàng đến lạ… Những mệt nhọc và chán chường của ngày thường như tan biến vào trong không khí đêm lõang sương và thoang thỏang hơi lành của đất. Tôi bỗng nhớ … Continue reading